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I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1996. I earned my B.A. Degree in History, with a specialty in Ancient to Early Modern European Cultural Celebrations, and a minor degree in Rhetoric. My thesis, entitled, "The Evil of May Day: A Retrospective Analysis of the Puritanical Rejection of May Day in 17th Century England" discussed the Ancient Celtic, Medieval and Early Modern culture and contemporary understanding behind the celebration of May Day.

After U.C. Berkeley, I attended Loyola University of Chicago for my first two years of Law School, where I was the Senior Articles Editor of the Consumer Law Review. I published an article entitled, "A Future of Green Power?: The Utility Deregulation in America" in the Loyola Consumer Law Review, vol. 10, No. 3 (1998). I received my Juris Doctorate in May of 1999 after completing my law degree at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law located in San Francisco, California.

Clerkships & Firms
During the fall semester of my third year of Law School at U.C. Hastings, I clerked for the Honorable Judge Ernest Goldsmith of the Superior Court of California in the City and County of San Francisco. I also researched for the Honorable Judge Robert Dondero during the fall semester of 1998 in the Hall of Justice in San Francisco.

During my last semester at U.C. Hastings and after graduation, I practiced for one year at the law firm of Berman DeValerio Pease and Tobacco in downtown San Francisco where the firm focus was Securities Antitrust Class Action Litigation. After that, I switched over to Corporate Transactional law at a small boutique firm representing Internet start-ups in corporate finance, corporate governance, drafting shareholders rights agreements and facilitating mergers and acquisitions in Silicon Valley.

Early Non Profit Work With Animals
In the beginning of my animal law career, throughout the time I practiced with firms, I continued to pursue my desire to help animals by taking pro bono animal related cases and by volunteering with organizations such as: In Defense of Animals, Animal Care and Control and Reunion Rescue's pit bull rescue group. I often advise people to get involved wih your local shelter or animal welfare nonprofit to become acquianted with animal welfare issues.

I finally saw the light and dropped the firm jobs in August of 2001. Now, my practice consists of 95-99% Animal Welfare related cases.

More Publications
Other publications include Isn’t Justice Supposed to be Blind? Practicing Animal Law.  Sister Species: Women, Animals and Social Justice, Edited by Lisa Kremmerer, Univ. of Illinois Press (2011) pp. 141-151, and  Animal Custody Cases.  GPSOLO: General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division.  American Bar Association July/August (2009) Vol. 26 No. 5 pp. 22-25.

Since I have been practicing Animal Law, I have been involved in politics and education trying to create lasting change for animals. After six (6) attempts of requesting appointment to the San Francisco Animal Care and Control Commission, I finally was appointed for a term of a little over two years from 2006-2008. Also, from 2003 throughout 2009, I directed my own educational television show entitled "Ethics and Animals" which aired twice a month on San Francisco's Public Access Television, channel 29.

I hope that my experience inspires you too to make a difference for animals.

Very Truly Yours,

Christine L. Garcia
The Animal Law Office
State Bar No. 209701