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Start Reading Labels and Be a Smart Consumer

You can make a difference in the day to day suffering of animals by refusing to purchase products or investing in companies that test and/or torture animals. You can also help encourage others to be smart consumers as well.

See these sites to be informed and educated about animals that are used for testing, entertainment, food and entertainment and other forms of exploitation. Also, learn about products that are tested on animals:

Check for Companies that Test on Animals -
Search for Cruelty-Free Companies and Products

Ingredients with Animal Products Inside - Often times, labels are difficult to understand. Check labels to see if animal products are contained inside. Choose to buy products that do not contain animals.

Companies that do Not Test on Animals - Here is a list of companies that do not test on animals nor do they contain animal ingredients.

Cruelty Free Clothes, Products and Companies/Shopping - Go to Vegan Essentials to easily buy products that you know have been researched and are vegan owned and do not exploit animals.