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What Is Animal Law?

Animal Law includes any type of legal action, whether it be transactional or litigation, that effects the rights, standing and/or welfare of an animal. It is a new area of the law where sparse pro-animal case and statutory law exists in terms of defining, establishing and protecting the welfare of animals.

Animal Law varies from litigation issues involving incidents of wrongful death, veterinarian medical malpractice, animal activist Constitutional Rights protections, defense at vicious dog hearings, products liability litigation against companies that kill animals through the "proper" use of the product, and transactional issues such as drafting estates & trusts and facilitating the non-profit organizational governance.

I am an Animal Attorney who practices Animal Law, but who specifically uses the tools that the legal system provides, in order to give animals a voice in both the litigation and transactional forums. My practice is pro-animal and pro-animal activists. I do not take animal v. animal cases.

My practice focuses on preventing injury against animals and also making entities accountable for injury upon animals and animals' rights. This may take the form of suing exploiters of animals, defending animal rights activists or even preparing the corporate transactional documents for non-profits that specialize in the preservation and defense of animals.

Additionally, I do not take cases against breeders because I find those seeking help are interested in the animal as a product "not up to par." Millions of animals are euthanized each year because animals in shelters are not adopted and are therefore killed to make room for more animals seeking homes. Breeders are one of the greatest causes of this overpopulation of companion animals in this country. I believe that animals should be adopted as a companion and not purchased as a commodity or status symbol. I encourage people to adopt from shelters and to not support the breeder industry, the needless overpopulation of animals and not contribute to the unnecessary euthanasia of millions. Please visit your local shelter or a rescue group when you are seeking a companion animal in the future.


What Kind of Cases Do You Take?

As I mentioned above, I take a myriad of Animal Law cases. Currently, my case load consists of:

* Dog Defense Cases (Administrative Level, Appeals and Writs)
* Representation of Vegan Businesses
* Incorporating vegan or animal welfare non-profits
* Representing vegan animal rights Activists in Litigation/Grand Juries
* Suing Companies with a practice of animal cruelty or gross negligence towards animals
* Consulting other attorneys or individuals for animal law cases
* Custody Disputes over Animals
* Campaigning to end animal cruelty